Some Hosts "Talk Vegas"… We Are
Living Las Vegas

Custom Packages Available For Groups, Weddings, Or Yourself!
Poker Tournaments, Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties, Anniversaries


Casino Hosts and Markers

Hey big spender.
We’d love to tell you about all the great things we can do to plan your trip.
Our hosts simply cannot wait to meet you.
But, for now…
We’ll have to remain shrowded in mystery….


Elite Casino Host is hosting
a Series of Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments
with a portion of the proceeds to assist Charities.

Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments for Charity
Only 50 Chairs are available for each tournament!
All Buy-ins include one Night’s hotel stay
and Breakfast the following Morning!

What do we do?

In a word? Vegas, baby.
We live it, we breathe it, we love it, and we sell it.


Corporate and Convention Services

We’ve been there.
Trust us.
Coordinating travel and conventions for 100 people is no walk in the park.
Luckily, we don’t like parks.

Neon lights are much more our style….

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